Wednesday, January 18, 2012

London Art Fair Photo 50

Julie Cockburn/ Boy/ 2011/ Found plastic on found Photography

At a time when many are mourning the demise of film and traditional photography techniques, an exhibition at this year's London Art Fair, Photo50, introduces a group of artists who are experimenting with analogue in new and unexpected ways...
Curated by Sue Steward, the exhibition brings together the work of 12 photographers who are all exploring different ways to present images, and who use playful techniques to achieve surprising results.

Aliki Braine, Draw Me A Tree Black Out, 2006
A number of them use photographic images as a starting point to create original pieces of art. "Many images in this exhibition were produced through analogue processes and reveal surprising similarities with their digital counterparts; many mingle the two," says Steward in the essay accompanying the show. "There is also the changing assumption that the photographic print is the finished object, the ultimate goal of production. But it is no longer necessarily the end-point; the printed paper is enduring transformation, partially destroyed or decorated, re-built to take on a new dimension – and becoming an original artwork in its own right."

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