Friday, December 23, 2011

Casa Clementina, Rome.

Reminds me of a mix between the L'Eclaireuer store and Derriere restaurant in Paris.

"There’s a DJ in the bedroom (**disclaimer as to how shit this sounds - SB **). And oh look, clothes on display in the closet. The appetizers are served in the kitchen, the drinks in the living room. But is it a hangout or a real home? It’s Casa Clementina, in the Monti district in Rome. 

In the most ancient Roman quarter, the old Suburra, stands Casa Clementina, a space furnished with modern design objects (that you can purchase) and an atmosphere which is at the same time domestic and underground. 

The mood is that of a real home. Apart from the rooms, you will find bed sheets, pots and pans, desks, sofas and salami hanging from the ceiling. For all lovers of open spaces there’s also a floral corridor, with synthetic grass, benches and an arbor with flowers."

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