Saturday, December 31, 2011


Jony Ive to be Knighted

Apple's designer Jonathan Ive is to receive a knighthood in the New Year's Honours List. Ive has said that he is "both humbled and sincerely grateful" for the award.
Apple's senior vice president, industrial design, will receive the KBE for "services to design and enterprise". He had previously received the CBE.
Ive joined Apple in 1992, becoming head of industrial design in 1998, the year in which the original iMac (below) was launched. Ive's team went on to design the iPod, iPhone and iPad - a succession of beautiful, seductive products that are as intuitive to use as they are attractive to look at. But, at a time when designers are feeling grossly undervalued, it is to be hoped that Ive's knighthood will bring recognition for perhaps a more enduring contribution to his field – in demonstrating the importance of design to the success of business, or, indeed, any organisation.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Haptic Intelligentsia human 3D printing machine

HAPTIC INTELLIGENTSIA is a human 3D printing machine that allows the user to tactually perceive the virtual object and to directly transform it into the physical. The user can freely move the extruding gun, which is attached to a haptic interface. When the tip of the gun is moved into a surface region of the virtual object, the interface generates forces under computer control, allowing the user to feel and touch the surface of the object.
Without looking at the computer screen, the only way to visualize the virtual object is to pull the trigger and extrude the material along the feedback surface. The results are always unique and different, depending on how each user responds to the machine’s guidance. The sense of touch is no longer present in our current screen-based interface. HAPTIC INTELLIGENTSIA humanizes the 3D printing process, bringing the user a tactile relationship to the virtual object.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Eileen Quinlan at Overduin and Kite

Prexury slabs by Cosentino

Hermés store Anna-Wili Highfield sculptures

About Anna-Wili Highfield:
She is a Sydney based artist currently making sculptures of animals from paper and from copper pipe. The paper sculptures are created from archival cotton paper, that is painted, then sewn together, to create the figure of an animal. The copper pipe is bent and manipulated to create sculptural forms reminiscent of line drawings.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Casa Clementina, Rome.

Reminds me of a mix between the L'Eclaireuer store and Derriere restaurant in Paris.

"There’s a DJ in the bedroom (**disclaimer as to how shit this sounds - SB **). And oh look, clothes on display in the closet. The appetizers are served in the kitchen, the drinks in the living room. But is it a hangout or a real home? It’s Casa Clementina, in the Monti district in Rome. 

In the most ancient Roman quarter, the old Suburra, stands Casa Clementina, a space furnished with modern design objects (that you can purchase) and an atmosphere which is at the same time domestic and underground. 

The mood is that of a real home. Apart from the rooms, you will find bed sheets, pots and pans, desks, sofas and salami hanging from the ceiling. For all lovers of open spaces there’s also a floral corridor, with synthetic grass, benches and an arbor with flowers."