Friday, October 14, 2011

Shinici Maruyama

Maruyama, photographer, chemical engineer, advertiser of international acclaim and an excellent connoisseur of the art of Chinese calligraphy, was born in Nagano, Japan, in 1968, and there he embarked upon his career as a photographer portraying the landscapes surrounding his birth town. 

In the 25 shots of the “Kusho” series, water and ink are on the verge of merging, when Shinichi's lens stops the exact fraction of a second which they meet, maintaining them intact and whole. A technique with a pictorial feel that recalls, with some transfer into photography, “drip painting” by the artist Jackson Pollock.

The liquid sprays, already seen in various forms in a large number of advertising campaigns designed at his hand, interact in unique, unexpected and ephemeral ways, following the fluid and unpredictable instinct of his calligraphic gestures. Here, chemistry, physics and the wonder of chaos merge, directing the ephemeral poetry of Maruyama's photos.

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