Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Deloitte Ignite 2011 - Curated by Mike Figgis

Deloitte Ignite returned for its fourth year with a contemporary arts festival curated by internationally renowned director Mike Figgis.

Mike Figgis curated the Deloitte-sponsored festival, bringing together a thriving cross-section of the cultural community for a weekend of aesthetic intercourse shared with the public – both on-site and through digital platforms to make this festival truly global.

Mike Figgis said “When I was asked to curate ‘Ignite’ it was clear to me that I should use the opportunity to share my own ideas with a wide group of contributors and try to create an environment where all the ideas could be aired under the loose heading of Just Tell The Truth.”

Joining Mike Figgis at the festival were esteemed individuals from a wide vista of art forms and society – Dance, Film, Philosophy, Performance Art, Fashion, Photography and Politics. The core aim of this year’s Deloitte Ignite was to discover what we think about the state of the culture that we all exist in. Over three days in September, people were invited to listen to opinions, watch stunning and dynamic performances, take in a large number of video films and gain a sense of what is happening at the cutting edge of the fashion and art world. Deloitte Ignite reached out far beyond the Royal Opera House building through digital platforms, so that much of the excitement and debate could be shared outside of the festival environment.

Here's Alber Elbaz's vid:

& an excerpt for those who hate watching youtube videos as much as me:

"Everything has to be so fast and rapid these days. I feel that I am part of the marathon of fashion and I feel the constant pressure to produce bigger, better and faster, and these days, cheaper. I often think about how a musician can have a great career with 10 brilliant songs, a director with five films, and a writer, three books. Then a fashion designer has to do six to eight shows per year – if one works for 25 years, that's easily 200 shows.

For a long time I've wondered what it is that I bring to women, what it is that I do for them. And then one day I got an SMS from a friend in New York, which said: ‘Hi Alber, I’m in the back of a taxi, going to the court. I’m going to face my asshole husband in a divorce case and I’m wearing Lanvin, and I feel so protected'. That is one of the greatest compliments I've ever had. I thought that if a dress I had made in silk, weighing around 150g could protect a woman against her asshole husband, then I had succeeded. It made me very happy."

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