Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi

Sadly, just hotel pics so far. It is sad to only spend 2 days in this beautiful country.

What strikes me so far: Colour. I avoid colour because in most of the world it is so brash. 

Here, colour is beautiful. It's simply natural. Vegetable dyes, not synthetic/bright colors that can be acheived on a computer & only in synthetic fabrics, that shouldn't be applied to cotton or anything other than a technical jacket but are. Uncontrived colour, an innate ability to mix colours beautifully.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jesse Auersalo

Carbon Negative Cement by Novacem

Material ConneXion, an international team with a wide spectrum of material expertise recently awarded its material of the year prize to Novacem for an innovative discovery called carbon negative cement. According to the producers, this material is based on magnesium silicates. This means it not only requires less heating but it is also able to absorb CO2 from the environment as it hardens, making it a “green” construction product. “Our award for Material of the Year celebrates the power of material innovation to enhance the world in which we live—from our built environment to the designs that we interact with on a daily basis,” asserted George M. Beylerian, Founder & CEO of Material ConneXion. As you are probably aware, regular cement is responsible for a large quantity of CO2 emissions, which is probably why this innovation made its way to the top in the world of construction materials.