Saturday, August 20, 2011

Men's Fashion Council Style Presentations

International Master Tailor´s Convention, Tokyo
Collection London College of Fashion: The Woolmark Company
Photographer John Young
Venue/Event International Master Tailor´s Convention, Tokyo, August 20-29, 1964
Date 1964
Description In black, white, yellow and brown Glen Urquhart check worsted in a twofold super 70s quality yarn, this double-breasted three-piece town suit features slightly squared shoulders. It is well shaped@ slightly flared with two side pleats to emphasise flare and has welted slanting cross pockets. The cuffs are finished with four buttons. The waistcoat has double spaced buttons. The slimly cut trousers have raised side seams and plain bottoms. Tailored by a member of Britain's Men's Fashion Council.
Subject menswear, suit
Material worsted
Rights London College of Fashion/The Woolmark Company

Title British Men´s Wear Styles, 1957
Collection London College of Fashion: The Woolmark Company
Fabric Manuf. Wain Shiell & Son Ltd.
Tailor Hawes & Curtis (Tailors) Ltd
Photographic Company Peter Clark
Venue/Event Men´s Fashion Council Style Presentation at the Savoy Hotel, May 6, 1957
Date 1957
Description Sports jacket and trousers. The jacket, in 12-13oz. green check tweed, is single breasted, and the back, which is cut in one piece, is finished with small pleats which start below the shoulder blade and finish at a fixed half belt. It has reversed semi-hacking vents set well forward at the hips. The front panels each have two narrow, pressed pleats, open, slanted hip pockets, and single-breasted lapels. The sleeves have one-button cuffs. The jacket is worn with 12-13oz. green fine worsted gabardine trousers which have turn-ups and raised side-seams.
Subject menswear, jacket, sports jacket
Material tweed
Rights London College of Fashion/The Woolmark Company

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