Sunday, April 3, 2011

LACMA acquires Ed Kienholz’s Five Car Stud

The Art Newspaper is reporting that LACMA will show Ed Kienholz’s Five Car Stud (1969-72) as part of its Pacific Standard Time programming. Five Car Stud is the most famous Kienholz nobody’s seen. It was shown at Documenta 1972, purchased by a Japanese collector, and has been in storage ever since. Widely discussed in the Kienholz literature, it’s one of the few works of that time that still pushes the envelope of decorum. The walk-in installation shows five white figures castrating a black man. His torso is covered with a oil pan with floating letters spelling the N word. Though never publicly shown in the U.S., Five Car Stud was created in the West Hollywood parking lot of print publisher Gemini GEL.

In a separate story, LACMA is negotiating to buy Christian Marclay’s The Clock. The 24-hour montage of filmic clocks and watches drew iPad 2 crowds to Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, recently. If acquired, Michael Govan wants to project it on the LACMA facade.

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jmclane said...

It should be noted that LACMA did NOT acquire the Kienholz piece, they are only exhibiting the work. The piece is currently available for sale.