Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tatton Park Biennial 2012

Olivier Grossetete proposal.

Brass Art Proposal.

Jem Finer Proposal.

In 2012, the Biennial will examine the human urge to fly: Flights of Fancy will commission a large group of artists, performers and writers to develop works that acknowledge both the aeronautical legacies of Tatton Park and the region and the deep-seated desire to accomplish the impossible. The third edition of the Biennial will again be curated by Danielle Arnaud & Jordan Kaplan, Parabola, and will work to develop substantial links with industry, academia and business in the Olympic Year.

Tatton Park Biennial was inaugurated in 2008, with over thirty artists and writers creating new works responding to the site's botanical collections. In 2010, a new group of over twenty artists increased the ambitions of the Biennial, considering notions of identity and place in shifting political, social, economic and environmental landscapes.

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