Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stripper Stalking

Devil's Point
Union Jack's

Having lived for over 4 years in Portland, OR, I got quite used to Strip Clubs. I think the allowance of full nudity and a 2 drink minimum actually (they're all licensed) makes them far less seedy.

Acropolis does a mean steak, and has full live nude shows. Then there was Casa Diablo, the Vegan Strip Club that stayed in business for 2 months... One wonders why? At Magic Garden, you can go and meet your mates for a game of pool, and there's a seedy little stage in the corner. Mary's Club was always a good one when you had friends in town, and it's adjoined to a Mexican place (not recommended) if you wish to partake in a taco whilst watching.. They're dark, dingy and full of dirty old men. But also full of regular people. I'd think nothing of getting a lapdance. I've never cracked up so much in my life, and most of the girls aren't crack whores riddled in track marks, they're actually fairly intelligent women with a good sense of humour, mostly paying their way through school. At Union Jack's, there's a bilingual midget, I forget her name, but her French was amazing. At Sassy's there was Malice. She'd often miss her call cos we were chatting and drinking. I believe she's somewhat famous for her blue mohawk. They're all Suicide-Girl looking, the majority are covered in tattoos. & yes, they're mostly coke addicts, but to be fair there's no other way they're gonna stay in that form and work those hours, most of my friends who work bars in London have worse habits and make way less cash. (One tip: Never buy coke from a Stripper). Anyhow, my point being, you get to know the girls, and find your favourite ones, the best dancers, the sexiest, the funniest to have a drink with, the most amusing lap-dancers, and you can look them up on this site. It tells you when and where they're dancing. Now to be fair, when in Portland, unless it's one of the above-mentioned or my personal fave, Devil's Point, I don't suggest checking out Sexy Susan even if she is the personification of Sherilyn Fenn. But this is a great way to see your favourite girls, or, you know, Stalk them.

Whilst we're on the subject, check out the pole-dancing championships 2010 here:

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