Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nazi Germany Naturism

I've been long fascinated by these images. Their origin is obviously controversial, and I am simply observing history here.

The publication benefited from official recognition and sponsorship during the Nazi Gleichschaltung period but was persecuted as officials argued over the concept of Nacktkultur. Hermann Göring passed before laws limiting mixed sex, as a reaction of the increasing immorality of the Weimar state.

Nudism stayed though and supporters included even SS leaders. So this 1936 book became a Third Reich bible about nudity and naturism. Germany only had about 3 famous writers who promoted nudity of the perfect German body. The author of this book was for a long time the favorite.

The author was a higher officer (and received his Nazi German upgraded rank due to his Ary vision).

And then history erased him. What is not known in history by many is that the author was the son of one of the German leaders from WW1 and was already Lieutenant in WW1 in Berlin. He finished that war as Major after fighting in Turkey.

He was a Prisoner of War (by the British) at that time. Anyway, he became one of the important inspectors of the RAD for girls and men. These were separated camps for girls and boys in Nazi Germany.

The girls seemed to have inspired the high ranking officer and he produced this book. Hitler gave his ok. 5 years later, in 1941, something happened that nobody really knows in history, but this high Nazi German Officer was removed from his rank.

One year later, in 1942 he was removed from the NSDAP party. The author had to pay a large fine. And then, without any historical feedback (from my end, never could figure it out for 100%), the author was put in Brandenburg-Görden prison (at that time the most secure and most modern prison in Europe). It took about 4000 “special” prisoners in an overcrowded time. It was there that the famous Aktion T4 euthanasia program was initiated (some 10.000 “so-called” disabled, mentally retarded or mentally ill people were gassed). The author survived and died in the seventies.

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