Saturday, December 4, 2010

Heuliez Peugeot 604 Limousine 1978-84

Looks like a shabby boy racer, wonder if Ford ever thought of doing this with the Escort?

Originally the 604 was the E24, a project developed in close collaboration with Italian car-designer Pininfarina in the early seventies. Reviving a tradition of top-of-the-range car, PEUGEOT exhibited the 604 at the Geneva Car Show in March 1975. Company Heuliez designed six-seater limousines based on buyers' specific requests. The PEUGEOT 604 is a milestone in the French history of car-making and has symbolized social success "made in France", after so many years dedicated by the French car-industry to producing good quality models indeed, but they were less famous than other European car-makers' vehicles.

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