Friday, December 17, 2010

Bad Day Mag

Art magazines are getting bigger, reaching the proportions of newspapers and bibles, with more and more (and less and less art-related) ads. They’re glossier and more colourful, with less text. They’re not necessarily better. Then there’s an unassuming little quarterly from Canada named Bad Day, founded by editor Eva Michon and her friend, graphic designer Colin Bergh. Each issue is the size of a novella and is printed in one colour. Its subjects are as multifarious as the design is restricted and consistent. One issue had Jason Schwartzman, Vito Acconci, Mark Fast, and Salem. Another has Glenn O’Brien, No Age, and Gaspar Noe.

The interviews - and there are nothing but interviews - have a lo-fi, conversational feel. In 2011, Bad Day will move out of its native city, Toronto, to set up a cool office somewhere in New York. Not, er, bad for a project that began as a zine, three years ago, with 50 xeroxed, stapled-together copies. Issue 10, out in February, will have a print run of 5,000. It’ll star Sofia Coppola on the cover.

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