Wednesday, December 1, 2010

As the Academy Turns

Manifesta 8 Collaborative project:

EARN (European Artistic Research Network)
CENDEAC (Centro de Documentación y Estudios Avanzados de Arte Contemporáneo)
University Murcia

International Symposium:
Cendeac, Centro Parraga, Murcia. December 2-4, 2010.

As the Academy Turns is a multilayered project exploring the potentials and the tensions in the growth of artistic research and the current academization of art education. The ‘academicisation’ of art is increasingly marked by the strong expectation of research trajectories and how these will be shaped within the changing institutional framework of art education. In that context, the present possibilities of PhD research within visual art are particularly at the center of attention and debate. What do those challenges mean for the art academy as such? Will novel forms of academic elitism pop up or will research induce a novel form of intellectual conscience in the art academy? How will research and artistic practice be intertwined? Will they produce redefinitions in both domains or is research rather doomed to be a fringe phenomenon at the art academy? And the ultimate question, how will research be conducted within art academies? These themes will be tackled in three different dissemination platforms: a three day international symposium, an infolab presentation and an artwork in the form of a soap opera set in an art academy.

During the three-day symposium twelve exemplary research projects from prominent European art academies will be presented and discussed. The researchers involved are among others Denise Ziegler (Helsinki), Dolores Piqueras (Valencia), Frans Jacobi (Malmo),
Georgina Jackson (Dublin), Guilio Squilacciotti (Venice), Irene Kopelman (Utrecht), Janis Rafailidou (Leeds), Katja Tukiainen (Helsinki), Magnus Bartas (Gothenburg), Maija Timonen (London) and Matts Leiderstam (Malmo).

Their presentations will be critically addressed by a number of high-profile authorities such as
Alvaro de los Angelos (Valencia), Gertrud Sandqvist (Malmo), Hito Steyerl (Berlin), Jan Kaila (Helsinki), Jan Svenungsson (Berlin), Juergen Bock (Lisboa), Marquard Smith (London), Mick Wilson (Dublin), Mika Hannula (Gothenburg), Sarat Maharaj (Malmo), Tom Holert (Vienna) and Tuomas Nevanlinna (Helsinki).

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