Thursday, December 2, 2010

1986 Top Gear

Top Gear 1986 Episode 1

Little known to those familiar with "New Top Gear", Top Gear actually began in 1977 as a somewhat conventional and short 30 minute motoring magazine program. Although there’s no Stig and it is sadly lacking in high speed drifting and rare supercars there are some cool parts and it gives a taste of the European 1980s automotive scene.

This early series was produced by BBC Birmingham (Pebble Mill!), and broadcast on BBC2 from 1977 to 2001. In 2002, the show was relaunched in a new one-hour-long, studio-based format made by the BBC in London.

In this clip Chris Goffey cruises in to the mid 80s with style in a sweet BMW 7-series while Sue Baker takes an exciting look at the second-hand tire market. William Woollard gives a cold war examination of cheap (& endlessly mocked by the Brits) Eastern-European Cars: the Skoda 105 S, the FSO 1500, the Yugo 45A and the Lada Riva 1300SL. The Best part is when Chris Goffey asks UB40 why they sponsor rally-driver James Prochowski!

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