Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Katerina Jebb

She's worked with Tilda Swinton on Etat Libre d’Orange, done album artwork for Tori Amos, directed the Kate Moss Vintage ads and has contributed to Acne Paper. Above and A Magazine. Jebb's new body of work, Simulacrum and Hyperbole, is opening this week at the Gloria Maria Gallery in Milan.

Jebb says of the work: “They are conspiratorial works where the subjects willingly parody their own identity, persuading us to buy imaginary products. The smiles are plastic and the women are knowing.”
Jebb has been shooting the pseudo-science advertisements—starring Tilda Swinton touting a miraculous skin cream called Life Eraser and Kylie Minogue as the face of Beautiful Body insurance company, among other odd endorsements—on a shoestring budget since May of this year, researching extensively and taking inspiration from sources including eminent futurist Ray Kurzweil and LSD pioneer Timothy Leary as well as 60s make-up commercials.



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