Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Notes from the Sex Manual..

More on the rough stuff.Ouch.
Back to the sex manual.
It's been a while.
Probably due to the fact that i've been milked to within an inch of my life since i last picked it up.

Sex that leaves bruises?
Yup,fucked up and full of contradictions.
And i will say it's a dangerous game.
by asking lady if that's what she wants kinda misses the point altogether.
like putting a safety rope on,when in fact it's the danger of serious injury that gets you there in the 1st place.
And the degrees of abuse vary so much.
Strangling(or at least some form of it) i have to say seems universally accepted whereas the slapping of the ass may be hungered by some but reviled by others who would surprisingly prefer the hand round the face.
By asking,you remove the surprise,the danger,the shock,but you'll also remove the danger of prosecution.
Best be safe than sorry i say.
If in doubt,ask.
By Alex Brindle-Johnson

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