Monday, February 15, 2010

Robot Love Story

Director spike jonze produced the 30-minute short i’m here for absolut vodka. this robot love story set in present-day los angeles, premiered at this year’s sundance film festival and will launch online globally on thu – mar 1.
There's six exclusive screenings this week in london, manchester and edinburgh.

london: thu - feb 25 [7pm + 8.45pm]
location: ncp car park, brewer street [soho]

manchester: fri - feb 26 [7pm + 8.45pm]
location: shude hill car park [shude hill]

edinburgh: sat - feb 27 [7pm + 8.45pm]
location: sovereign house, 10-12 young street [downtown]

You should see it, you might hate it, it might make you think he ripped off daft punk, but you should see it.I actually really, really liked it. And I don't say that often.

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