Saturday, January 16, 2010

#12: Bob Smith

Pendleton National Parks Blanket Collection by Bob Smith, whom I had the pleasure (and sometimes pain:) of working with at Nike in my early days. Great work Bob.


mr smith said...

I was just discussing the "pain" part this morning with my wife. Funny, it had a lot to do with another of your posts, the one about forgiveness (which is bang on BTW).
Best wishes to you and… whomever… for 2010 my dear. Expecting to be breathless.

black white occasionally grey always gold said...

i merely jest.
you were quite painless and wonderfully original mr smith.
alright, maybe that one time after you pulled an all-nighter for our creative direction deck you were a tad wild..
i'm watching you too with the rad shit that's popping up left, right and centre! 2010 is gonna be a good un.