Sunday, December 27, 2009

#4 - Saskia Vogel: On Beauty & Desire

Saskia has been my virtual guide to LA and many other of life's pleasures. She's a Swedish-American Sherilyn Fenn like creature who just completed her MA in Comparative Literature at UCL. She has written for Erotic Revue, Adult Video News and La Downtown News, amongst others.

..And then there’s Geneva. Beautiful cocoa-skinned, long-limbed Geneva.
She has sex with a dreaded and tattooed Ani DiFranco-alike, a suited boi, and an aging short-cropped butch dyke, but that’s not her allure. Neither is it the interracial element. The fantasy is Geneva herself. You can see it in the eyes of the women who pass between her legs: This is a Woman. Her lips bleed like raspberries when bitten. She mounts each of them with agile grace, the tips of her puckered nipples grazing their flushed faces. She displays herself. Wide smile and crinkled almond eyes, she can’t stop giggling. Even with their fingers inside her, she is out of reach. And she knows it.

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