Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dirk Larsen, Royal College of Art

My Morzine, oil on linen, roughly 60 x 80 cms.

What's your name?, oil on linen, 30 x 40 cms.

Presently at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin

Henry Miller

A signed photocopy by Henry Miller pinned to the front door of the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California. Photo Linlee Allen.

Christophe Decarnin

So why has it taken so long for Christophe Decarnin to become this successful?
"‘I think success in life is half your personality and half your talent,’’ Emmanuelle Alt said. ‘‘He has the talent, but the personality. . . .’’ She smiled. ‘‘You know, if you always stay in the shadows and don’t have the connections, it’s more difficult. Some people have a lot less talent, but they push themselves and go out and meet people.’’ Decarnin said he never goes to clubs. He once went to St.-Tropez but it was years ago, he said.

Sometimes it's ok to just want everyone to fuck off and leave you alone. Really.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

#5 - Jarrett's Blog

#5 in my series of friends who have inspired me..Jarrett. From his undercover interviews with everyone from card-counters to strippers, to his series of global Cattacks that will one day find themselves in a book, Jarrett is.. well, here's some of his 'found photo's' series. I don't know what he is. He's pretty rad. Blog Here.

#4 - Saskia Vogel: On Beauty & Desire

Saskia has been my virtual guide to LA and many other of life's pleasures. She's a Swedish-American Sherilyn Fenn like creature who just completed her MA in Comparative Literature at UCL. She has written for Erotic Revue, Adult Video News and La Downtown News, amongst others.

..And then there’s Geneva. Beautiful cocoa-skinned, long-limbed Geneva.
She has sex with a dreaded and tattooed Ani DiFranco-alike, a suited boi, and an aging short-cropped butch dyke, but that’s not her allure. Neither is it the interracial element. The fantasy is Geneva herself. You can see it in the eyes of the women who pass between her legs: This is a Woman. Her lips bleed like raspberries when bitten. She mounts each of them with agile grace, the tips of her puckered nipples grazing their flushed faces. She displays herself. Wide smile and crinkled almond eyes, she can’t stop giggling. Even with their fingers inside her, she is out of reach. And she knows it.

Her blog Here

#3 - Destroyed by Alex Brindle-Johnson

Keeping in the spirit of the last 2 posts, I am going to post another friends work. Sometimes I forget to look closer to home for inspiration.

Fuckin slut teen,
Long gone your innocence and my morality.
And i'm destroyed.
Destroyed by your painted toes,
by your puppy fat plump titties,
by your teddy bear porn pink cunt,
by your asthma pump.
And there you lay.
Hampster face,
And i'm destroyed again.
Destroyed again a million times.

By Alex AKA The Mighty Cougar: Cement You Cunt Blog Here

#2 - Will Oliver, Photographer & Writer

Javier Peres and AA Bronson in conversation at Art Basel Miami Beach, 2009 'AnOther Magazine' Text & Photography by William Oliver. Way to go Will!
"William Oliver travelled to Art Basel Miami Beach (in an attempt) to bring together three of the fair's regulars and long-time friends – Javier Peres, owner of L.A and Berlin based gallery Peres Projects; AA Bronson, one time member of revolutionary art collective General Idea and the driving force behind artists' book initiative Printed Matter; and the ever-glamorous artist Terence Koh. We discussed the importance of fairs and their critical impact on the contemporary art landscape."
Full article Here
Will's Blog Here

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

#1 - Georg Gatsas, Photographer

iD Mag, 2009

Heimspiel - Kunsthalle St.Gallen, December 2009

Friends who are doing great things #1.
Pics courtesy of Georg Gatsas.

Nanotechnology electronics at the tip of your gloved finger

Imagine this: Chip-based credit cards and other smart cards on paper; intelligent sensors and electronics on doctors' surgical gloves; health monitors printed on T-shirts; diagnostic devices embedded in your baby's diapers; human machine interfaces on workers' leather gloves. These are just some of the systems that researchers envision today and that will become reality tomorrow thanks to research teams like John Rogers' group at the University of Illinois.
Nanotechnology-enabled electronics of the future will be invisible/transparent and flexible. One of the areas Rogers' group focus on is creating materials and processes that will allow high-performance electronics that are flexible and stretchable - printable electronics will play a major role.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Otto Neurath: MAK Ctr, Los Angeles, CA

Saw this today at the Schindler house on N King (MAK Ctr is free 4-6 on Fri's fyi). Cool little house. His architectural plans were the most interesting, and the video work was rad. His wife's children's books were also pretty awesome. I like that they used the Schindler house as a meeting place for friends/collaborators/colleagues. It feels like a restaurant I went to in Tokyo once. Worth checking out only if you're into Otto/really like architecture. Neurath invented the “ISOTYPE” system (the Exit sign etc), essentially Pictogramms (symbols, icons).

Totally random that this exhibition was going on after my last post, I only found out today. What a nice surprise.