Monday, September 7, 2009

Not that I'm about to go anywhere near Cardiff. But if I was..

"In Anna Fox's photographs, life often looks like something you might buy in Argos. Her Basingstoke and Work Stations series from the mid-1980s capture Thatcher's Britain as one of crisp, red-brick new builds, low-slung shopping centres and garish, prefab office spaces. Fox's passion is colour; along with Martin Parr, she is one of the early pioneers of fine art colour photography in the UK. The retrospective, Cockroach Diary and Other Stories, opening this week at Ffotogallery in Cardiff, spans the last 28 years of her career. Included are images of village fetes, family shindigs and a collaboration with singer Alison Goldfrapp, alongside autobiographical insights into Fox's relationship with her parents."

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