Monday, February 16, 2009


George Van Tassel, creator of the Integratron, was an aeronautical engineer and test pilot who worked alongside Howard Hughes at Hughes Aviation. He was also one of the leaders in the UFO movement who held annual "Spacecraft Conventions" at Giant Rock. Van Tassel said UFO channelings and ideas from scientists such as Nikola Tesla led to the unique architecture of the Integratron. He spent 18 years constructing the building.

Bascially, you go upstairs and you stand in the center of the dome and talk. You can't hear the words come out of your mouth you just hear them inside your head. It's fucking weird. Pretty awesome.

We took a "sound bath". The Sound Bath is "a 30-minute sonic healing session. They play 9 quartz crystal singing bowls, each one keyed to the energy centers or chakras of the body, where sound is nutrition for the nervous system." It was a bit of a stretch for me, and I didn't feel much more than relaxed after, but it was a great experience.

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