Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mark Leckey: Long Tail

One of a pair of limited edition prints complementing 2008 Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey's appearance in Dispersion.

Edition of 50.

Published on the occasion of Dispersion 3 December - 1 February 2008, to commemorate Mark Leckey in the Long Tail, a performance by the artist at the ICA on 31 January 2009.

Poster for 'In the Long Tail', 2008.
Silkscreen and giclee print on metallic silver foil 120gsm.
Double crown size 30 x 20"

Barbican/Tate Modern/Design Museum

Did the Barbican walk yesterday over the millenium bridge to the Tate Modern & the Design Museum.

Not impressed by the Alan Aldridge, I loved Butterfly Ball when I was a kid and his Penguin series were awesome, the rest is the wrong side of grotesque for me. But he's a chunk of British history, I'll give him that.

The most amazing part of the museum was the Patricia Urquiola – Purely Porcelain exhibit. It showcases the whole process from concept, through the process of manufacture, to finished product. I am not into the finished product so much, but the molds & prototypes are some of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen.

The Design Cities exhibit was pretty rad. Once again got to see the Olivetti Valentine. & the original Marcel Breuer bauhaus chair. In fact there was an entire Bauhaus retrospective, and an amazing wooden car proto that so obviously influenced the citroen, years before its conception.

Tate Modern was alright. Skipped the Rothko, there were some nice new acquisitions, but I've definitely seen better works there. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster Unilever series was pretty decent. Nicholas Hlobo wasn't strong in my opinion, I understand he was making a comment on post-Apartheid South Africa, and I appreciate the cultural aspect of his work and the relevance of his materials, but it just wasn't quite 'there' for me.

I love the Barbican, it's such a brutalist looking structure.